frequently asked questions

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Design Process (5)

What sort of work can you produce?

Take a look through our portfolio and you’ll see we can produce video, digital, print, merchandise, press, outdoor and even photography for you. If you can't see something that you’d like us to do, ask if its something we can tackle for you, cause we’ve even produced a thermal drink coaster!

How long does it take to produce design work?
Well it all depends on the project requirements. In the Burrow under your brand folder, you’ll find a folder called Design Studio Briefing Template and in this folder, you’ll find a document outlining some basic timeframes for projects. Its called The Hive timeframes.docx.
How do I brief in a project?
We use a platform called Wrike to log projects and you’ll need a log in to access this. Get this from Ana.

There are also briefing templates located in the Burrow under your brand folder, you’ll find them in the folder called Design Studio Briefing Template.
Why does it take so long for small things?
It can take time to get projects back into the studio, as we book out the team in advance. So if you’ve had a job idle for a few days or weeks, we cant necessarily just drop it back in the day you pick it back up. It all depends on what other projects we have in the studio, so always best to check with Ana before you promise anything to any stakeholders.
How do I make a video?
A video requires a lot of different bits, but here are the basics:
  • Allow ample time – as in days and weeks
  • Have a script and/or storyboard for what you want
  • If you need us to shoot, think about the talent you use
  • What is this being used for – background footage to a launch or a brand reel that everyone will see
  • Into and outro required?
  • Is there a theme?
Best to consider the Creative Briefing Template for this one, so you can think about the intention and mandatories. But really the best thing is to talk with us directly.

Design Briefs (5)

Why do I need to fill in a brief?

Our briefing templates prompt you for information that you may not have thought important, but actually crucial for us to work on it for you.

Basically, doing this first saves time overall!

Why do you need specifications upfront?
Specifications are 100% required for the initial set up of a file – whether it be for print or digital. Again, it saves us having to redo it at the end, when we find out it has to be done in a certain way.

Specifications we’ll always need upfront include:
  • Press ad publication specs – size, trim, bleed, type safe area etc
  • Digital banners – static vs HTML5, size limits etc
  • Print – bleed required, image resolution requirements etc
How do I know if I'm doing it right?
We’ll let you know if we have any questions before we start and through practice, it’ll get better and you’ll get a better understanding of what we need to get the work done efficiently.
I have a brief ready, what do I do?
You need to
  • submit the request through Wrike
  • create a project folder in the burrow and save all the assets there – this includes the brief, source files etc
Then it can be processed and we can ask any questions we have.
What are source files and why do you need them?
Source files are the files that the artwork is set up in. This can be InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or Animate etc.
If you have a project that you need artwork updated, and we have not created it originally for you, then you’ll need to supply us with the source files.

Support (7)

I don't know how to use Wrike, help me!

We have Wrike step-by-step documentation saved on the server that can help you work through it. You’ll find it in the Design Studio Briefing Template folder. Alternatively, you have these options:

I'm not digitally savvy, who can help me?
All depends on what you need. Our team has heaps of knowledge when it comes to HTML5 banners, websites and eDMs, so you can always ask us and if we can't help, we’ll know who can.
What if I need access to the shared server, the Burrow?
I.T need to give you access to this server, so please contact them.
What's the difference between static and a HTML5 banner?
Good question! A static banner is obviously static, which means nothing moves or animates, whereas an HTML5 banner or a animated banner, can move and transition messaging to make it more dynamic and engaging. Check out our portfolio for some examples.
My eDM isn't appearing right - why?
eDMs appear differently on different email clients as they use different technology to display their emails. The design team does testing to any eDM we build to ensure it will work best across all of these and if you find it not working for you, then get in touch.

You can also find useful resources by searching in blogs and forums of famous email marketing platforms such as Litmus, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.
I need a logo - where can I find it?
The logos for all brands sits on the Burrow server:
It's an eDM, why do I have to tell you if it's HTML or Exact Target (Marketing Cloud)?
The difference is the way it's built and a further process required for Exact Target, so we need to know this upfront to ensure we create the right type of eDM for you.

Studio Policy (4)

Can you just do this quick job for me?

Sure we can, but it all needs to go through Wrike and be logged as a job. The reason is that all the designers log their time and its charged back to the brand.

What about personal work? Will you design me wedding invites?
The designers are talented, really talented, however we can’t be doing personal work during work time. They are open to doing work on the side in their own time, if you ask nicely.
Why do other projects take priority?
A general rule for all work going through the studio is that revenue generating work will always take priority over internal or "nice-to-have" projects.

When it comes to your projects, we always try to accommodate based on actual deadlines – so if your press ad needs to go out today, it will take priority over your flyer that can wait until later in the week.

If you are ever concerned about the priorities of your projects, just get in touch.
What's your stance on bribes?
They are always welcome.